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Welcome to Our Online Store

Welcome to Our Online Store

Welcome to Our Online StoreWelcome to Our Online StoreWelcome to Our Online Store

Revelation, UFOS, Ancient Aliens, and the great deception

Serpent's Plague

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Sacred Ground


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Where will the prophesied final Temple of the Jews be built?

The ancient prophet Micah,  predicted the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in the “last days” of human history. Despite Islamic warnings, most Jews today believe their Temple will be located where the Islamic Shrine the Dome of the Rock now stands. The conflict over the disputed holy ground appears to be the most likely catalyst for World War III. Considering the stakes involved, finding a peaceful solution to location of final Jewish Temple appears to be impossible, -- unless God has hidden from man’s view, His divine plan.

Since it’s destruction in 70 AD by the Roman Army, the exact location of where the Jewish Temples once stood has been lost to the world. 

Sacred Ground combines evidence from the Bible, the writings of Josephus, and research by the late Dr. Ernest L. Martin, with modern day satellite imagery and computer technology to identify the location of Israel’s lost Temple sites. 

Sacred Ground presents a controversial fresh look at the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple location that’s sure to interest all students of bible prophecy.

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